I had the privilege to attend The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom LIVE Seminar Tour on Friday in Covington, Ky. Matt Kloskowski and the Kelbyone gang were terrific. Everyone made me feel right at home and accommodated any need I had. I had met Matt before at a workshop I attended in LA, and knew his method of teaching was exactly what I needed. While I missed getting to shoot the Cincinnati skyline with Matt the evening before, I caught up with John the next morning and was able to capture the skyline shot before daybreak. After I returned home to South Williamson, Ky, I processed some of my images and immediately knew something wasn’t exactly how I remembered the light. The image was much cooler than I remembered. I clicked on the white balance tool in Lightroom 5, but, woah, again not how I remembered. I let the image sit for a couple of days and on Monday, I read Scott Kelby’s Google+ post on a White Balance Quick Fix and BAM!, just like he posted, “works like a charm”. While my image may not be as charming as the headshot of Matt, Scott’s “freshly-baked, piping-hot Monday Photoshop 30-second or so Micro Tip turned my image into how I remembered the light. Please click the following link to view Scott Kelby’s 30 Second tip and make sure you view the other tips as well. “” .

The before and after image:




As you can see, the white balance quick fix corrected the cooler tones in the image without eliminating the twilight hour glow. And this took exactly 3 seconds to correct. Thanks Scott Kelby for once again saving an image.


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