Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Ringing in the New Year always brings about certain activities I must achieve before I can begin the New Year. Among my many activities on my checklist, both in my day job and photography business are completing backups to store offsite. I always start the year with two blank portable hard drives. I name one drive with the year and the word “master” and the second drive with the year and the word “copy”, example “2013-Master” and “2013-Copy”. I use the second drive as a duplicate of the master drive. At years end, I compare the drives to confirm the drives are exact duplicates and store the copy drive’s offsite. I often find myself taking the copy drive offsite numerous times during the course of the year for safekeeping.

To add another level of security for my images, I have a third drive which is dedicated as a time machine. This time machine drive acts as a third level of protection for the current years images, in case of any drive failure, damage, or theft. I have always used the LaCie Rugged Portable Hard Drive’s but this year I have opted for two G-Technology G-Drive 2TB Professional High Performance External Hard Drive’s. (Image’s courtesy of B&H Photo).




After shooting with the Nikon D800, I found I needed much more drive space, as the file size the D800 produces is much larger than the Nikon D4 is. The Nikon D4 remains my go-to camera, but for landscapes, the detail with the D800 is incredible.


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