New York City – Manhattan Skyline

New York City – Manhattan Skyline

Maybe I helped encourage Makena to pick NYC for her birthday, guilty as charged, but not until after she mentioned it first. This image was shot on the Brooklyn side of the Bridge at Brooklyn Park. I have shot from this side before but I wasn’t as far down to see the remnants of this old pier. Brooklyn Park is undergoing a massive redevelopment and from what I saw, this is definitely going to be the place to visit while in NYC. On my last visit it was only Kandi and I, so we walked across Brooklyn Bridge, but on this evening, Makena and Meredith wasn’t up for the long trek across the famous bridge, so we took a cab. After dinner at Juliana’s Pizza, owned and operated by Patsy Grimaldi, the original owner of Grimaldi’s Pizza, I walked Kandi and the girls down to Pier 6 and made my way back to this spot for sunset. The girls met me back here just as I was packing my camera bag and we all had an ice cream to cool us off.




In the Camera Bag:
Nikon D800, Nikkor 24-70 AF-S f/2.8
Benro Travel Angel Tripod, Lexar 1000x Media
Singh-Ray 3-stop Hard-Edge Graduated ND
Singh-Ray 3-stop Solid ND


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