Nikon D800 and Photoshop CC’s new Shake Reduction

OK, after shooting with my D800, I have noticed that not all of my images are as sharp as my D4. I do get sharp images with the D800 but there are times when I do not see the sharpness I should. The D4 nails the sharpness 99% of the time, and now my new Fuji X100S is excellent at nailing sharpness. This has deterred me from trusting the D800 and now I find myself always reaching for the D4 for all my shots. My thought when placing the order at B&H for both cameras was to use the D4 for my fast action, sporting shots and use the 36MP D800 for all my landscape images.


Yesterday I decided to email a very experienced Nikon D800 user, after reading on his blog, he also uses both the D4 and D800, and about the issues, I was experiencing using the Nikon D800. His response was exactly what I thought he would state, “technique’. I have read many blogs about this and all conclude the same “the Nikon D800 with all its resolution (36MP) requires stellar technique”. Even the slightest hand movement would cause the image to be out of focus. Of course we all want to thing we have rock steady hands, me including, and especially when shooting on the Really Right Stuff TVC-34L, we think the camera is rock steady, but the truth is even the slightest push of the shutter or slap of the mirror can introduce camera shake.


After racking my brains on the issue of needing perfect technique to get tack sharp images on the Nikon D800, I thought, OK, if the focus mechanism is not causing the soft images, merely my lack of perfect technique was the culprit of the softness. This would conclude the softness was camera shake and not an out of focus image. I remembered Adobe introduced the new shake reduction in Photoshop CC so I tried this on a few images shot from the D800. As you can see in the examples below, shake reduction eliminated the slight softness in the image. The two images are 100% crops. The first image is straight out of camera and the second image has only shake reduction applied. I will be conducting more experiments on this issue and will be concentrating more on my technique.


Thanks and have a good one.

20130730_Farmer_041-Edit 20130730_Farmer_041-Edit_ShakeReduction


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